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With so much drama in the world, we choose not to get caught up in it and focus on our YOGA. We Are Yoga is here to remind you to never give up on your Yoga. Health is wealth, and awareness is key.

The root word of Yoga means to join, We Are Yoga reminds us that we are joined, we are connected. We work together on many levels, with ourselves and with others. Working together, mind & body, heart & lungs, person to person, group to group, We Are Yoga.

WAY supports all Yoga; students, schools, organizations, and federations worldwide because Yoga works. A Yoga practice has been proven to prevent, protect, and heal the human body, mind, and spirit against many of today’s dis-comforts such as: arthritis, stress, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, cancer, laziness and MORE!

Get on your WAY today!

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Where “We Are” today… 2015

We Are Yoga starts at the foundation. We Are a Family of Yogis brought together to do good. From our practice WAYmat was born. In an effort to promote Yoga and Health we created the ” Logo Stamp” and “Free Yoga Stickers”

Our Mission is simple. Raise Awareness. Spread Yoga, and keep Yoga schools thriving. We Are Yoga. We’re all Yoga.



Welcome to Bikram Yoga Ormond Beach by We Are Yoga! Thank you for taking the time to check out our website. Please take 5 min to read the following paragraphs as they will give you a better insight into the yoga and beginning practice.

All physical Yoga is Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga mainly refers to the physical asana(posture) practice of Yoga. The goal is to get fit and healthy inside out so that the body can eventually sit in meditation and sustain its perfect form so energy can move freely throughout the spine.

A form of Hatha Yoga called Bikram Yoga is a great foundation for your Yoga Practice. It is what we know and where we pull our core teachings from..He didn’t make this stuff up, if you look back not very far, his guru Bishnu Ghosh and his brother Yogananda were Yoga pioneers in the 19th and 20th century spreading the healing benefits of Yoga to the West.

Ghosh worked with Bikram to help heal patients at his clinic in India. When Bikram got older he went on to create an all level heated yoga series, that does not change, and can be done by anybody willing to do it. It consists of 26 postures completed twice along with two breathing techniques in a heated room with humidity. For more on the heat keep reading below. This kind yoga is often referred to as “hot” yoga. Bikram invented Hot Yoga and it is a physical and intense practice because it does so many things at once. Mainly forcing your body and mind to work together to develop higher senses of awareness and inner strength for You.

Yoga has a medicinal-like aspect in that it helps and restores the body, mind and spirit to a healthy, invigorated place, offering a cardiovascular workout along much more for every system of your body.


Bikram- 26/postures  and 2 Breathing techniques…most every pose completed twice in a 90 min class. The room is heated around 100 degrees with adequate humidity around 40%. Hydrate yourself before class and be prepared to stay, sweat, and feel good. Taught by certified Bikram Yoga Instructors.

Power Hour- Mostly led by Erika Jones, this class is similar to a Bikram style class with variations in the second sets to maybe go a little deeper in your practice. Poses are completed 1-2 times and sometimes 3-4 times depending on the make up of the room. This class is around 60 minutes with no rush to finish…the room is heated around 100 degrees w/humidity. Some barre techniques are worked in to the routine which open the hips and strengthen the legs and Glutes. Very cool and well thought out.

WAYexpress- The WAYexpress is the Bikram Primary Series with slight variation as some poses are only completed once but usually for a longer period of time with less talking and set up. There is music in this class YAY! And timing is between 60-75 minutes…Again, there is no rushing through the class and depending on the class make up, the class could go a little longer. Please allow your self the time, but we understand if you must leave early if you let the teacher know before hand. The room is heated with humidity and is mostly practiced along with the teacher. Sometimes referred to as a “silent class”…w/music:)

Yin Yoga- Yin Yoga with Molly is taught on Monday Nights and is non heated class focusing on slower deeper stretches that work into the connective tissue and are held for longer periods of time. It is quite the compliment to your yang style yoga practice, but quite different at the same time. If you have never tired it we encourage you to come, it is getting very popular around the studio. Class time is 60 minutes with extra time to relax at the end.

* We encourage everyone to start with 5-10 regular Bikram Style classes then come to any of the other variations we do. Yin you can come anytime.

Healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

The practice of  yoga stresses the idea of self-realization which occurs when the body and the mind followed by the human and the spirit become connected. Both physical and mental powers are believed to develop simultaneously.

The yoga is intended to offer and support clarity of the mind by focusing on being in the present and focusing on the self in the mirror. Yoga teachers are constantly reinforcing the practice of maintaining the eye contact with the self in the mirror. The philosophy is that working hard and realizing the power within the self will allow the eyes to appreciate and like what they see in the mirror.

Another reason to like the self in the mirror is that there is no element or focus on competing with anyone else. Each person works towards his or her own goals and competency, challenging the self to reach its greatest potential.

Other Health Benefits of Yoga

Each posture has many distinct health benefits which often overlap with the benefits of other poses. The sequencing of the postures also plays a vital role in their healing benefits. These postures help to establish or reestablish balance and physical alignment.

The amazing aspect of  yoga is that it does so many things at once. The postures improve flexibility, posture, strengthen muscles, increase oxygen and improve circulation throughout the body to heal and protect joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves. It is also believed that this yoga stimulates glands and reproductive organs partly because of the increased oxygen flow.

Breathing Techniques

The practice of yoga involves breathing techniques and a philosophy behind them. Yogis often refer to the breath as “prana” which means life’s energy coming in on the breath.

In Bikram yoga, almost all of the breathing, both inhalation and exhalation, is done through the nose which is known to filter and warm the air and, in turn, slow the breath. When the breath slows, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over the sympathetic nervous system to help create relaxation and calm. So, awareness and practice of this breathing technique is vital to ensuring a beneficial yoga experience.

Slowing down, focusing on and being aware of the breathing are all essential in creating the relaxation needed to help connect with the mind.

It is a good idea for any beginner to read some vital tips before starting the very first class which is usually the hardest. This will help in knowing what pre-class preparation is needed to ensure the optimal benefits of the yoga.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please check out our new students page and yoga ettiquete page for more helpful info and to answer some of your other questions. See you soon!



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